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Intended for horses that develop irritation in the mane and tail region. The condition is particularly common in Icelandic horses.Contains: Salicylic Acid 10% and propylene glycol. Competition Karen horse 96 hours.

Horsol are available in the following packages:

1 x 100 mL plastic bottle with dropper  194 including VAT

5 x 100 ml plastic bottle with dropper  875 including VAT


Hipposan is a topical ointment based on vaseline and plant oils. It contains no water, perfume or other additives. Suitable as plasticizers in pasterns, the calluses and blisters. Forms a waterproof, protective layer. Withdrawal period for the start of the competition is 0 days. Contains: Vaseline oil, canola oil, castor oil, birch extract, Green thistle extract.

Hipposan are available in the following packages:

1 x 125 mL jar 118,75 including VAT

12 x 125 ml cans 1243.75 including VAT

Decapinol Gel

Contains delmopinol and hyaluronic acid.

For dogs and cats, for mechanical removal of plaque - like a liquid bandage.Regular brushing with Decapinol Gel cleans and prevents plaque.

Horse - after cleaning the feed pockets. Competition Karen's horse is 96 hours.

Decapinol Gel is available in 16 ml pack and costs 120 Euro including VATeach.

Key 60 seconds

You can free download the pdf version of the brochure 60 critical seconds (click on the picture) about your four-legged friend's oral health. It can also be ordered for 3 SEK / each (including VAT) plus postage. When ordering Decapinol Gel will receive free brochures.  

Worlds Best Hoof Oil

Worlds Best Hoof Oil (WBHO) is a high quality hoof oil as forceps into dry and damaged feet. WBHO contains: Medical graduated tar (Stockholm grade), Neatfoots oil, Saligariolja and Eucalyptus oil.

Very damaged hooves, with large cracks, dry hooves

Using oil on both the bottom and the outside of the hoof every day for two weeks. After two weeks, apply only on the outside, mainly on the coronary band, for 2 weeks, depending on how seriously injured hoof is. If necessary, continue oil both under and outside of another time. It may take about six weeks for a serious crack that goes up to the coronet to heal. Then you can move on to normal operation, which is about 2-3 times per week.

250 ml jar (with a brush)  250 including VAT

Oh, 5L jar  350 including VAT

1L jar  445 including VAT

4L jar  1375 Euro including VAT

Lift and harness for dogs

A comfortable harness that can be adapted perfectly to your dog. The dog can easily be lifted either in the front or back, or do both at once. It is adapted so it is comfortable for the dog to be lifted.

Lifting and the carrier is a solution for dogs; 

  • With hip dysplasia 
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • After surgery 
  • That has become old and stiff


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